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24/7 Techies came to my rescue and sorted out my PC and left it like new. Best money I have ever spent and would highly recommend them to anyone...

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Thanks guys for helping today! I lost a really important excel file today because I closed without saving and Hashir was able to retrieve it. This was a lifesaver! Thanks again.

Leroy Furman

Larry did an outstanding job. I have had him do some work prior to this and he has always found a solution no matter how long it takes.

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These guys are great. I wish I knew about them A LONG TIME AGO - inexpensive and truly technical experts. I recommend 247Techies.

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Hello! I was very much pleased with the support from 24/7 Techies! Peter was very professional and took a little time to help me to understand what I needed to know...

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You have solved my problems and I have very much appreciated your help and courtesy. Thank you all.

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I really like the service at 24/7 techies and recommend it highly to my friends and colleagues. These days "customer service" is something that sets any company apart from others. They get a "High FIVE" from me on their customer service.


RAM (Random Access Memory) is a form of memory storage. But it is volatile. It means when the power is disconnected the memory is lost. There are two type of RAM. They are Dynamic memory (DRAM) and Static memory (SRAM). It is called as Random Access Memory because it has the ability to access any cell by using the column and row number. If you are a user who uses high-end graphics and working a computer for more than 5 hours a day you may have been experiencing this slow computer problem. But there are solutions for everything.

Computer experts say in order to increase your PC’s speed it is better to add a new RAM than changing a new processor. It’s also cost-effective. Are you sure that you need an extra Ram. Check your RAM’s capacity. If your tasks in your PC will optimize after installing a new RAM then that’s a good sign. But do you know how to install a new RAM? You have to do it with proper guidance. Be careful; don’t mess up by removing the wrong parts.

Follow the below steps to install a RAM to your PC,

  • Check if your PC has more than one slot to add a new RAM.
  • Purchase a new RAM with the same specifications of the older one.
  • Power off your PC and open the casing
  • Remove obstructions
  • Choose the slot and install the RAM.

But there are lots of other factors which you should take care off. Your System is full of electronic parts. You may even face a slight electric shock if you aren’t prepared for it. It is highly recommended that you should do this process with the help of a professional technician. You better not do anything. But sometimes changing RAM can end up in failure. If your PC has some other fault and you could have understood that differently. It’s better to handover this process to a computer technician. But make sure that he/she is trustworthy.

247techies will help you on how to install RAM memory. 247techies are world’s best technicians. We provide comprehensive tech support services to our customers. 247techies are trustworthy, diligent and attentive. We always consider about your privacy. Your personal details will always remain private and confidential. Make a wise choice by choosing us as your tech support providers.

Just give us a call at 1-951-225-4557 for immediate tech support