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A video game console is an interactive; modified; entertainment computer system. It can be used by a video display device because it produces a video display signal. The video display devices can be a monitor or a television. These are names as video game consoles to differentiate from normal display devices.

So how will you share your Video game console with a PC or TV?

If you have connected any consoles disconnect them. Check whether your input switcher has come with cables. If you had your TV connected to a console then connects the input switcher’s output to the same TV inputs where you had plugged your console.

Remember that there are four types of connectors. There will be 3 colored plugs in a composite AV. Red and white colors are for audio connection and yellow is for video connections. You are doing settings for video. So plug the yellow and yellow together. If your TV is a mono sound one then choose the exact color.

If you see a circular plug with slots inside then it is the S-Video AV plug. Connect the plug into the S-Video input on your TV and connect the red and white audio cables from the VGA plugs into the corresponding color inputs. If you are using S-Video don’t connect the yellow video connector from the VGA plug.

There will be red and white plugs for audio and plugs alike to computer monitors in VGA HD. Be care while connecting them to their equivalent inputs.

A red, green, blue connector and plugs similar to composite AV connector will be available in a composite HD AV. Connect the plugs into their equivalent inputs. Plug the Red and white into the audio and green, red and blue to their own inputs. Don’t connect yellow video cable because it’s not essential.

Lace the output cables from each console to where they can easily reach the inputs on the switcher box.

Remember that each console will match to a set of inputs on the back of the switcher box. Connect them based on how the switches are organized on the front so that each switch on the front matches to the inputs from that console on the back.

Go down the line, connecting each console's input to the corresponding output. And always don’t forget to plug in the power box. If you have problems with pc and game console video sharing 247techies will help you to do that. Call us immediately.

Just give us a call at 1-951-225-4557 for immediate tech support