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Eddie Doyle

24/7 Techies came to my rescue and sorted out my PC and left it like new. Best money I have ever spent and would highly recommend them to anyone...

Scott True

Thanks guys for helping today! I lost a really important excel file today because I closed without saving and Hashir was able to retrieve it. This was a lifesaver! Thanks again.

Leroy Furman

Larry did an outstanding job. I have had him do some work prior to this and he has always found a solution no matter how long it takes.

Susan Coniglio Callahan

These guys are great. I wish I knew about them A LONG TIME AGO - inexpensive and truly technical experts. I recommend 247Techies.

Thomas Nathan Tobey

Hello! I was very much pleased with the support from 24/7 Techies! Peter was very professional and took a little time to help me to understand what I needed to know...

Rosemarie Maxwell

You have solved my problems and I have very much appreciated your help and courtesy. Thank you all.

Dagmar Sands

I really like the service at 24/7 techies and recommend it highly to my friends and colleagues. These days "customer service" is something that sets any company apart from others. They get a "High FIVE" from me on their customer service.


Will you keep your home unclean? Won’t you clean them in-between of any other work? You do that because you care for your home and you know that uncleanliness can cause lots of troubles in future. Imagine your PC; it’s also like a house. It has several partitions inside it. There are large and small components inside your PC. All of them are made of small electronic components and wires. Each hardware component is important for your computer to perform well. Computers can’t perform well unless they are cleaned and maintained well. Don’t expect your PC to be extraordinary without giving it proper care and maintenance.

Dusting your computer will help to increase its efficiency. You will get a good output for your work. You may think that the hardware components of a computer don’t need much maintenance as software components. The truth is both the hardware and software components need essential care. They depend on each other for a better performance. And apparently dusting can only be done for hardware components. You won’t be getting any disadvantages by dusting your PC. But if you don’t know how to remove the parts and reassemble them then better leave this cleaning process to a professional technician. Professional technicians will have lots of patience and knowledge. So don’t worry.

  • Overheating flans and dusty cooling fans
    Cooling fans are which reduce the heat of your PC. If dust and debris blocks the fan from rotating then the hardware parts inside your system won’t get cool air and the hot air can’t go out to the environment. Due to this overheating may occur and damage the hardware parts. To reduce overheat the fans may tend to rotate fast.  Because of this energy will be lost. Especially in the cases of laptops the battery life will be reduced.
  • Damaged monitor display
    Your computer’s monitor screen will get faded. If you are using LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen computers you must be even more careful while handling it.
  • Computer life span will be reduced
    If your computer is filled with dust then your computer’s hardware parts will be damaged. You will have to replace the components. If not you have to buy a new PC; Anyhow your computer’s life span will be reduced.

If you need support on computer cleaning then 247techies will help you to do that. Call us immediately. We are world’s best technicians.

Just give us a call at 1-951-225-4557 for immediate tech support