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Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft outlook express are internal e-mail clients. Both of them are Microsoft products. But Microsoft outlook is software which arrives with the Microsoft Office package. Microsoft Outlook express is software which comes along with older versions of Microsoft Windows operating system. It is associated with Internet explorer.

Outlook Express doesn’t come with the newer versions of Windows operating system. It was released with Microsoft Windows 98, Windows ME (Millennium Edition) and Windows 2000 operating systems. But both of them are internal e-mail clients.

Outlook express was developed for personal use. But Microsoft Outlook is used by professionals. Microsoft Outlook has some advanced and enhanced features which Outlook express doesn’t have. Microsoft Outlook has option to create tasks, reminders and other extra official stuff. Both of these use the address book to list the contacts.

If you are using one of the above mentioned operating system and if you need the following functionalities it’s better to use Outlook express.

  • Internet facility
  • E-mail facility
  • News group functionality

Outlook express can be used with any internet standard systems such as SMTP, POP3and IMAP. It also supports you to edit HTML mails so you can personalize your mails as you wish.

But what will you do if Outlook express gets corrupted?

  • Delete temporary internet files
    Click on Internet explorer and click Internet options in the tools menu. Go to the General tab. Click delete files in the temporary internet files. Check “Delete all offline content” in the pop-up window. This also removes temporary files stored by Outlook express.
  • Compact all folders
    “Folders.dbx” is the main index file of the folder which stores messages. If it contains damaged entries Outlook express will act funny. Compact all the folders so simultaneously you are updating the Folders.dbx file.
  • Re-register the libraries
    Open the “Run” command box and type “msimn /reg”. You won’t be able to see the changes. In Internet explorer go to the tools menu and select options. Switch to the programs tab and select Outlook express as the default e-mail and news client.
  • Re-register Outlook express
  • Create new identity
    Creating a new identity will create a new message store folder and new registry keys.
  • Re-install Outlook express

If you need to repair your corrupted outlook express then call 247techies immediately. We will provide you the relevant solutions to overcome your problems. Make a wise choice by choosing us as your tech support partners.

Just give us a call at 1-951-225-4557 for immediate tech support