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Eddie Doyle

24/7 Techies came to my rescue and sorted out my PC and left it like new. Best money I have ever spent and would highly recommend them to anyone...

Scott True

Thanks guys for helping today! I lost a really important excel file today because I closed without saving and Hashir was able to retrieve it. This was a lifesaver! Thanks again.

Leroy Furman

Larry did an outstanding job. I have had him do some work prior to this and he has always found a solution no matter how long it takes.

Susan Coniglio Callahan

These guys are great. I wish I knew about them A LONG TIME AGO - inexpensive and truly technical experts. I recommend 247Techies.

Thomas Nathan Tobey

Hello! I was very much pleased with the support from 24/7 Techies! Peter was very professional and took a little time to help me to understand what I needed to know...

Rosemarie Maxwell

You have solved my problems and I have very much appreciated your help and courtesy. Thank you all.

Dagmar Sands

I really like the service at 24/7 techies and recommend it highly to my friends and colleagues. These days "customer service" is something that sets any company apart from others. They get a "High FIVE" from me on their customer service.


Computers are also machines. They may slow down due to either hardware or software reasons. If your CPU usage is always at 100 Percentage it may be a sign to a low performance PC. There are various reasons for a computer to lessen its speed. Let’s think! What are the mistakes which we make? Let’s start from the simplest,

  • We fill our desktops with icons
    Desktop is also a part of your computer’s memory. It’s not just a front screen. If you fill it with icons then you are going to regret. This will result in display problems too. So clear your desktop and rearrange your desktop icons to decrease your CPU usage.
  • Increased number of startup programs
    When you install software it asks you if you want to launch the program automatically when Windows boot. Some software enables this option without your notice. Most of the times anti-virus software starts booting while Windows boot. So you can apparently see that your machine slows down when there are too much of start-up programs. You can disable this option. But if you aren’t an expert leave it to a techie.
  • Increased number of processes (High CPU cycles)
    How many processes are running simultaneously in your PC? It means how many applications you are working on and how many background processes are there? Press Alt + Ctrl + Del you will get the task manager. In the process tab you can see the number of processes running. You can terminate them. But you should be careful. If you choose any background system process to close you may have difficulty in retrieving it. So let a techie do it for you and increase the CPU usage.
  • Malware attacks
    It maybe a malware attack. If you have a malware scanner / antivirus then run a full system scan. If you recognize any malicious threats then remove it immediately. If it’s not allowing to remove then you should do it manually by making some changes in the registry. But it’s not a good idea if you aren’t a computer geek. Just call a technician.

247techies are Microsoft Gold Certified professionals and we adhere to Microsoft’s most stringent standards. We guarantee an outstanding experience. We are experts in decreasing your CPU usage and increasing your PC’s speed. Dial 1-951-225-4557 to contact us around the clock.

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