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Are you wondering around to find out whether jucheck.exe is a virus? Actually it is not. It is part of the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) which looks for updates from the internet for JVM. It is a program written by Sun MicroSystems to run java based programs in your computer. So JVM always runs in your computer it doesn’t harm any day to day work you do with your computer. So if the JVM is running it means that the jucheck.exe process also runs because it always looks for new updates for the JVM

But the real problem is you have to find out that jucheck.exe is actually the real program written by the Sun MicroSystems. So how do you do it? It’s not a hard job; if your Windows operating system is installed into your C drive you can quickly find the answer for your problem Go to C drive->Program Files-> Java->jre1.6.0_01-> bin-> check whether you can find jucheck.exe file is there.

If you can find the file there which means it’s not a computer virus or any harmful program. It is 100% safe. If you can’t find the file path simply paste this file path

C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_01\bin

On Run and it will direct you to the specific folder we show you above. Normally all the antivirus programs consider this as a safe program so you will not get any errors if you scan that folder using your antivirus program it will not give any error.

If you can’t find jucheck.exe in that folder that means it is a malware program. The malware has disguised itself as jucheck.exe to avoid detection of the antivirus programs and the operating system. You have to use antivirus to remove the virus as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your computer.

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