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"Greeting from the happiest woman in America. I can't begin to use words to share my story. My time with each of the 3 brilliant, patient, helpful men was the best service I have ever received..."

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I was very happy with the time and diligence that Mohamed Shukri spent with me on fixing my computer. He was very knowledgeable, polite and, obviously, a very bright young man. He also seemed to have such a good command of the English language which I am sorry to say, that most young people in America don’t have. It’s amazing that you have such a good cadre of smart, young people who can diagnose and repair so quickly. Thanks for your help.

Jim Kelley
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Fixed Issue - Windows Operating Systems
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"I have utilized your services three (3) times so far since joining. Each & every time has been a pleasurable experience. The techies I have been teamed up with, JAY twice & SHUKRI once, are awesome. They have been most helpful & polite each & every time. 24/7 is a great business with great people on the team. I would fully recommend 24/7 techies to any & all. Keep up the good work & THANK YOU. Signed, your loyal customer"

Ed Silverman
Palmdale, CA
Fixed Issue - Windows Operating Systems
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"Fantastic service. I am a school teacher and needed access to documents, internet etc tonight. Kids had been on computer looking at stuff on YouTube.Not sure what happened but major warnings coming up and nothing working properly. I went to help line, was introduced to Ahamed and he took over for the next few hours. Very professional, excellent public relations I was seriously impressed with the level of expertise and support offered. 10 out of 10 is my score and I will recommend the service to everyone i know!! I have paid a one year subscription and feel I have had value for money with the support offered tonight alone."

Mike Harrison
Northampton, Northamptonshire
Fixed Issue - Windows Operating Systems
TNS Verified

"Best experience ever with technical support! You guys worked hard and a very long time fixing our computer problem, and it worked. We are so thankful for a company that would go the extra distance to make sure they have their customer completely happy and up and running again.Thank you so much!"

Nancy Walters
Mapleton, MN
Fixed Issue - Windows Operating Systems
TNS Verified

"Dear Ahamed and Nimeshe, really did a wonderful job fixing my computer. It was a mess at first and now my computer runs like brand new. It was really horrible for a long time. I could not use the skype and it really ran slow. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! I give you more than a number 10, you all need 100! WOW"

Paris Dean
Los Angeles, CA
Fixed Issue - Windows Operating Systems
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"Many thanks  for  your  excellent  work  on  my  computer. Yes  10  out  of  10 for  your expertise.  I  would  most  certainly  promote  247Techies  to  my  friends  and will do  so  next  time  I  talk  to  them. Techies has been very good/ an excellent choice I made when i purchased it. Many thanks for your good work"

Peter Clements

Fixed Issue - Windows Operating Systems
TNS Verified

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