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"Greeting from the happiest woman in America. I can't begin to use words to share my story. My time with each of the 3 brilliant, patient, helpful men was the best service I have ever received..."

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Results for Windows Live Mail

The experience of working with Ahamed at was outstanding. He is most patient, polite and proficient, and capable. I cannot imagine anyone better or more helpful. I am most grateful. On a scale of 1--10 this session with Ahamed of over 6 hours is definitely a 10. Sincerely,

Susanna De Rosa
Domaine Real Estate LLC
Hopewell, NJ
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"Dear Sir / Madam,  Recently one of your technicians Annesley Sylvester assisted me with a problem I had setting up my new e-mail account, after I had changed to a different provider. He assisted me for over 8 hours with this as there were a lot of technical problems, some with my new provider who gave us incorrect details with regard to the new wording of my e-mail address and some to do with my old e-mail provider. I have to say that during the whole time Annesley was extremely helpful and rose above and beyond the call of duty with his knowledge of the system. He was polite, courteous and did everything in his power to get me up and running, which he succeeded in doing.

This man deserves a big thank you and a very large pay rise, as out of all the people I have had to get over the years to assist me with a computer problem he is undoubtedly the best I have ever seen.

I hope you will take these comments on board and ensure that Annesley is made aware of the high regard he is held in my me and I am sure by lots of other customers."

K. F. Bishop

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"If there were an "eleven" choice I`d use it. Fantastic repair. All your people were (and always have been) very professional and I`d certainly recommend your service to anyone. Too bad Microsoft doesn`t employ your Tech guys to write their programs, a lot of grief would be averted. Again thanks to all involved, especially Jeremy!........."

Dave Rauscher
Boise, ID
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"I am extremely pleased on how Eranga was able to fix my computer on the evening of 4/19/2011.  The problem with my windows live mail files was quite complicated, involving many thousands of files.  Where Dell Support technician gave up, Eranga did not give up.  He worked this problem through to 100% completion, to my highest expectation.  I wish to sincerely thank him for his patience and attention to detail. I hope his boss sees this note; Eranga is to be congratulated. I can now again proceed with running my business."

William Dana
Kennewick, WA
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I am in a wheelchair and cannot travel outside my apartment unless someone is with me. Therefore, my computer is my window to the world. I rely on my computer for shopping, information on the world and local news, music, and communication with friends and family all over the world. I am not terribly computer savvy and it would cost me thousands of dollars and days of downtime to make arrangements for someone to come and take care of my computer problems. I have relied on 24/7 techies several times during the very short time that I have been a subscriber to your service. I can’t believe that I can have my problems solved and questions answered during the day and any time in the wee hours of the morning when I cannot sleep, To be able to sit back and have your outstanding technitions solve my problems while I have a cup of coffee 24 hours a day 7 days a week is an amazing service. I am so very glad I am a subscriber and recommend your service to everyone I know. The dollars spent are worth every penny and I don’t know how you are able to keep your subscriptions for such a reasonable cost. Thank you for all your outstanding service and I never worry about asking what may seem to be a very stupid questions. I am treated with dignity, courtesy, and respect. Kudos to everyone at 24/7 techies.

Jill Shaw
Calgary, Alberta
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You guys are always so nice and so knowledgeable, it`s a real pleasure coming to you for help! this was my third time I think. I had a quick look on facebook but didn`t find out how to write a testimonial, I`ll have a closer look tomorrow, and then I`ll write something nice. Meanwhile many thanks again and bye bye till next time.... Jenny

Jenny Gray

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