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"Greeting from the happiest woman in America. I can't begin to use words to share my story. My time with each of the 3 brilliant, patient, helpful men was the best service I have ever received..."

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Greeting from the happiest woman in America. I can`t begin to use words to share my story. My time with each of the 3 brilliant, patient, helpful men was the best service I have ever received. They surely made their Boss and 247 Techies (Eureka Technology Partners) proud today. They are far more than "techs" they`re Professors of the highest level. Congratulations to All!

The "Best Buy Geek Squad" didn`t have a clue and the rest of the 1-800 world were GONE. I don`t remember how I happened to find you ( internet searching ) but God blessed me with your Web Site info in my moment of deep frustration and disbelief as to what might have happened to my computer. I learned more about computers by watching and interacting with your Genius Staff than if I had taken a tutorial. My sincere thanks to the 3 gentleman who pulled it all together. What a Team! 

Thank you for your services. Everyone in my email address book will know about you and your company within 24 hours. I owe you that and I will happily tell anyone about my experience. Sincerely,

Jeanne Curcio
Fort Myers, FL
Fixed Issue - E-mail
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Good day to you,First off, I wanted to say a BIG thank you to JAKE. Who helped me eradicate a nasty virus from my pc. At ALL times, he was both polite, helpful and above all, friendly and understanding of my needs.

He was patient with me, as I am not the most technically minded. I just wanted to say that on a scale of `1` to `10` Jake scored `10` on every aspect of the service he provided me.

In this day and age, customer service can often be a `negative` experience, but I can say with my hand on my heart, that I would recommend him to anyone who has problems with their computers. The cost of the service didn`t really matter, as I had to get my pc working again, so the price I paid was worth every penny. If my words of praise can be passed to Jake, then it would make me very happy.

But before I go, I would also like to say thank you to AHAMED, as he was the 1st Techie, who tried his very best to secure my pc, but the first attempts proved fruitless, as the scanning software wasn`t powerful enough to destroy the virus, but that does not take away the fact that like Jake, he was courteous at all times, friendly, understanding and just as professional.

I must congratulate the whole team at 247techies, because those who train the team are just as responsible for bringing their expertise to the public.

I wish you all at 247techies, the very best in your careers and maybe in the next 12 months, if I get infected, you will be there to help me again. Sincerely,

Martin England-Andrews
South Yorkshire
Fixed Issue - E-mail
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Where have you been for the past 15 years????
I came to you with a problem I had tried for days to repair myself. Was ready to take the computer tower to the shop for repairs when I came upon your ad on the internet. I was a little skeptical at first but read the reviews and felt for the low cost I could at least give it a try.
My tech, Douglas, had to probably undo all that I did wrong as well as resolve the original problem. It took some time but everything was repaired and recovered in a timely and professional fashion. In these difficult economical times it is wonderful to find a company like yours, with such polite professional and informative techs like Douglas at affordable costs.  He was very clear and kept me informed as he worked through the system,  confirming with me that my systems were back to normal and what I needed to do to clean up the old files.
I know I saved money and a lot of lost time with the help Douglas was able to give me.
I would definitely recommend Douglas and your company to anyone with computer problems, and I can sleep well tonight, now that my computer up and running…AND now I know  that I can count on you to be there for me if and when my next computer issues occur.
Douglas, have a good night and thank you so much….and I already know I will be back…don’t know when but will definitely let my fellow computers  users know about you.

Barbara Perdue
Real Estate Professionals, Inc
Baltimore, MD
Fixed Issue - E-mail
TNS Verified

The experience of working with Ahamed at was outstanding. He is most patient, polite and proficient, and capable. I cannot imagine anyone better or more helpful. I am most grateful. On a scale of 1--10 this session with Ahamed of over 6 hours is definitely a 10. Sincerely,

Susanna De Rosa
Domaine Real Estate LLC
Hopewell, NJ
Fixed Issue - E-mail
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"247 techies is a great service - you are here for us 24 hours a day, seven days a week 52 weeks. You can`t beat that! I run a small business and you could always bet that my machine would always go down at week-ends or Bank Holidays. But I dont have to worry anymore because I have the 247 techies waitng in the wings. This is the second time I`ve had to call you out and its always been at times when my local repair shop was closed. Omar put me at ease straight away, he was so confident and reasuring that i just knew he would fix this complex problem, and fix it he did, no problem. 

Ho! And what a reasonable charge too! After joining about 3 months ago I`m quids in already! 

You guys should be in every non techies phone book!"

David Ralph
Dudley, West Midlands
Fixed Issue - E-mail
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"I called in a panic on Monday afternoon after realizing that me e-mails were not being recieved. I could see that they were growing in number and knew instantly that there was something wrong. I run a wedding floral and decor business, its is currently wedding season, so there are clients trying to get in touch with me, therefore it was time sensitive that the problem be solved.
I found 247 techies on line and the person that I spoke to was Hiru, he was very understanding and reassured me that he could solve all of my e-mail issues and beyond. It turned out that I had more than 1 issue. He understood this and furthermore what he had to do to solve it. Hiru and his team were very communicative and patient in explaining what had to be done and why, which I appreciated both due to my stress and lack of technical savviness! I can`t tell you how grateful I am for his diligence , perserverence in doing what it took to get it done, additionally going above and beyond to insure that all issues were taken care of and as efficiently as possible.
Thank you very much to you, Hiru and your team for solving my e-mail and space issues on my computer so that I can get back to work and communicate with my clients! I am more than happy to refer your services with confidence to my friends, colleaugues and family."

Tamara Mutter
Principal Creative Director
Fuscia Designs
Markham, Ontario
Fixed Issue - E-mail
TNS Verified

" I would like to take the time to mention the absolutely fantastic support I received from Indrajith in resolving an Outlook problem. His knowledge, professionalism, patience and perseverance are outstanding. During the process of getting my Outlook fixed I also worked for a short time with Sajaad whom also provided excellent service. I certainly received my monies worth and then some. Again, I want to thank Indrajith for his outstanding support.Aloha!"

William Clisham
Waipahu, HI
Fixed Issue - E-mail
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"My email crashed a few days ago. It was an especially bad time since I am on the Vestry at St. Aidan`s Church and we always email Agenda items, reports, etc. prior to our meeting, which was the next day.
My son tried to help with the problem, but we were unsuccessful in fixing it. Kevin somehow got me hooked up with your support group, and Ijaz did such an incredible job of fixing everything. My computer has NEVER worked so good.
I have just returned from my church`s Book Club Group where I raved about 247 Techies, and especially Ijaz. I am forwarding them your information, and many are so excited to find such a wonderful company."
Thank you from a 70-year-old lady

Harmony Kiser
Cumming, GA
Fixed Issue - E-mail
TNS Verified

"I was really struggling with some Outlook Express problems, and out of desperation I searched for some help online. I found you guys, signed up, and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!

Shashi did a FANTASTIC job solving my problems. He was smart, got everything I said, and solved the problem easily and effortlessly.

I am so grateful to Shashi, and so thrilled to have found you guys!

I will definitely spread the word, and if my friends are having computer problems, I will encourage them to sign up for your service.

Thanks again for an OUTSTANDING job!"

Hillary Carlip
Los Angeles, CA
Fixed Issue - E-mail
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"Dear Sir / Madam,  Recently one of your technicians Annesley Sylvester assisted me with a problem I had setting up my new e-mail account, after I had changed to a different provider. He assisted me for over 8 hours with this as there were a lot of technical problems, some with my new provider who gave us incorrect details with regard to the new wording of my e-mail address and some to do with my old e-mail provider. I have to say that during the whole time Annesley was extremely helpful and rose above and beyond the call of duty with his knowledge of the system. He was polite, courteous and did everything in his power to get me up and running, which he succeeded in doing.

This man deserves a big thank you and a very large pay rise, as out of all the people I have had to get over the years to assist me with a computer problem he is undoubtedly the best I have ever seen.

I hope you will take these comments on board and ensure that Annesley is made aware of the high regard he is held in my me and I am sure by lots of other customers."

K. F. Bishop

Fixed Issue - E-mail
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