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Have you been using your laptop for nearly three years? Then certainly it will be causing you technical problems and if you have been processing a lot then don’t expect it to perform more after three whole years. Laptops are machines. They are made of electronic components. As similar to desktop computers laptops are also made of electronic components and have the similar functions. But the problem is laptops are light-weighted and it tends to get damaged easily.

Laptops are computers which are smaller in size while comparing to desktop PCs. They are also portable and easy to use. People prefer laptop because it’s easy to carry and it’s flexible. You can take your data with you wherever you want. It’s easy and time-saving. Laptops work on battery power. We must use rechargeable batteries. But these batteries also have a life-time. They can’t be used forever.

Laptops get these technical errors based on various factors. But still these can be resolved. If you want to use your laptop even after it’s worst state there are ways to revitalize it. We know that your computers are precious for you. So there’s nothing wrong in revitalizing your laptops. But you should do it with great care. If you don’t, you will do more damages to your PC. You can always get a technician’s help to revitalize your laptop.

Don’t forget to back up your data to an external hard disk or any other storage device because if something goes wrong there are chances to lose data access.

So how can your revitalize your laptop?

  • Try reinstalling your operating system
  • If your operating system is an old version but genuine you can upgrade your operating system. For example if you are using genuine Windows XP then you can upgrade to Windows 7.
  • Shift to a new operating system
  • If your laptop has another slot for additional RAM then add additional RAM memory
  • Replace your old hard disk with a new one. Upgrading to a hard disk which has a higher rpm (rotations per minute) will significantly enhance your PC’s performance.
  • Upgrade notebook’s wireless card or buy a new network adapter which can be attached by using a USB port.

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