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Do you have a laptop? We all wish to have our own laptops. There are various laptop manufacturers such as HP, Mac, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer and etc. If you are having a laptop what operating system have you installed in it? Have you installed Windows operating system, Mac OS or Linux? Laptops are portable computers. They are slim in size and flexible to use. Laptops work on re-chargeable batteries. Most of the laptops have low-powered processors in order to save battery life. Laptops have LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens, a touch pad, inbuilt speakers, inbuilt webcam and many other features.

Do you know that you can connect you laptop to the television? You can view the Pictures and even Videos which are in your laptop. But do you know how to connect your laptop your television? You have to go through a procedure and it might be a little complex. But if you have a professional technician’s guidance you can do it by yourself.

Laptops have small screens. You can’t gather as a group and view all your pictures and videos or even play games. So connecting to the television allows you to do it a big screen where everyone gets a chance to view.

First try to identify what are the jacks and ports available in your laptop and television. There are five types of jacks or ports available.

  • Video Graphics Array (VGA)
  • Digital Video Interface (DVI)
  • High-definition Multimedia Interface
  • S-video
  • Composite/phono plug

You can use adaptors or cables when the ports don’t match.

The second factor in a laptop to TV connection is proper tuning. If the screen resolution and aspect ratio of your TV screen and computer are not the same, the TV picture will be distorted. This is important whether the screen is LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), CRT (Cathode Ray Tube), or non-LCD flat-screen.

The screen aspect ratio is a monitor’s proportion of width to height. Prior to 2003, most computer monitors had a screen ratio of 4:3, the same as standard TVs. Since then, ratios of 16:10 have become common, especially in laptops. HDTV has a ratio of 16:19; and motion pictures and still photography have even different ratios. One common example of a screen-ratio problem is when wide-screen video is shown on a standard screen. The result is undesirable letter-boxing, with black bars filling the screen at top and bottom.

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