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There are various file formats such as “.doc”, “.docx”, .wpd, “pdf” and etc. These text format documents differ based on their file standards. Amongst these PDF (Portable Document Format) is an open standard document. This is created by Adobe systems. At the time period when it was introduced Adobe didn’t offer this service for free. The PDF files also didn’t contain hyperlinks as they do now. When the file size increased it was hard to render the files with slow internet connections.

But nowadays Adobe’s PDF reader is free and it supports rich text formats. But still you have to be a registered user to use Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat reader is a more professional software and has some advanced features rather than Adobe Reader. PDF files are the best format to upload, download or even take a print-out. PDFs are the best way to handle portable text files. Most of the people business men or educationists prefer PDF formats to prepare their projects and assignments. You may have seen that several websites provide files in PDF format to download. PDF s not only contains text but it also contains images, vector or raster graphics, hyperlinks and etc. You can encrypt a PDF file with a password so the data in that document will be safe.

We use web browsers to browse the web. The browsers should be able to open PDF files within the browser. But at times browsers fail to do this and open the PDF files separately in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat reader applications which we have installed in our computer. There may be several reasons for this. But this is a small technical issue and we can solve it by finding the causes.

Solutions for PDF not opening in Internet Explorer

  • Enable Active X in your Internet Explorer
  • In the Adobe reader you have to enable the option for displaying PDF in browser. If it’s disabled it can also be a cause.
  • Uninstall the PDF reader which you have installed in your PC and re-install it. Reboot the computer and try to open a PDF document in the browser.

If still PDF not opening in Internet Explorer then call 247techies for immediate tech support service. Call us immediately. We are just a phone call away. Make a wise Choice!

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