Lately, we have seen a rise in tech support related scams so we compiled a list of pointers below that you can use as a guide to identify a legitimate tech support company versus a scammer:

  1. If the tech support company carries partnership logos (e.g. Microsoft) on their website, click on these logos to see if they take you to the partners' websites. Make sure the tech support company's name is listed on the partner's site.

  2. See who has invested in the company. Is there a link to the investors website and if so is the tech support company listed as one of their investments? Do some research on the investor as well to make sure they are legitimate. 

  3. If they claim to have press coverage, then there should be links on the site that take you directly to the relevant press articles.

  4. Check to see if there are security certifications (e.g. from McAfee) and if these are linked to the security company's site. Make sure the tech support company's name is listed on the security company's site.

  5. Check out their Facebook site to see what their customers say about the company. 

Finally, here's a link to a press release by the FTC that highlights the names of scammers and their modus operandi.